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Washington State Inattentive Driving Ordinances Map

Distracted driving laws vary in the types of behavior they cover, and have been challenging to enforce because they often require direct evidence that the driver is using a cellphone or another handheld device that is distracting. In response, cities, counties and municipal regions have started adopting local ordinances that focus instead on prohibiting “inattentive” driving. These ordinances can be enforced when driving patterns suggest inattention alone, without direct evidence that the driver is sending a text message or talking on a handheld cellphone. A portion of the fines collected are typically returned to the local jurisdiction.

The map below displays cities and counties in Washington State where inattentive driving ordinances have been adopted, to explore the variation in these laws click the "Start Here" button below. This dataset has been updated through February 1, 2014. 


Did you know?

In cities or counties with an "inattentive driving" ordinance, drivers can be cited even if the source of distraction, such as a cell phone, is not visible. 

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